Appointments can be made by calling 412-469-3600 for our Jefferson Office, or 412-325-0012 for our Waterfront office. You will be asked information so that we can create an account for you, and determine what, if any kind of testing you may need at the time of your visit.

You will be asked your name (as it appears on your insurance card), address, home phone, alternative phone, insurance information, referring physician (if there is one), and the name of your Primary Care Doctor (PCP).

We will also ask you why you are coming to see us. What your symptoms are if you have any, and what kind of testing that you may have had that would be pertinent to your visit, such as X-rays, CT scans, PET scans, EKG's echocardiograms, and sleep studies or any other test that may be important for your evaluation. We will need copies of these reports from the referring doctor. If you have had X-rays or CT scans we will ask you to bring a CD so that our doctor can personally review the film. If the X-ray or CT was done at Jefferson Regional Medical Center, or any JRMC Diagnostic Services Location you will not have to bring the CD.

We will ask you to bring an updated list of all of your medications to each office visit so that your doctor will be able to prescribe medications for you having an accurate list of what you are already taking. It is important that you list the correct spelling, dosage and frequency of all of your medications. Be prepared to provide our staff with a list of medication refills you may need.

We also ask you to tell us at your visit which medications you need refilled so that you will not need to call us for refills, or run the risk of running out of medication.